Excalibur Stir Fry Pan 2mm
12” Diameter

“I have chosen Excalibur® nonstick for its strength and long lasting durability which is so important for the high-heat demands of stir fry cooking. I have used Excalibur® for years and am pleased to offer you these premium nonstick woks and pans. Experience the joys of stir fry cooking again.” — Helen Chen

Excalibur® is a premium non-stick coating that is far superior to most nonsticks in the market. Its strength and long lasting durability is so important for the high - heat demands of stir fry cooking.  The pan is first prepared by blasting it with an abrasive material to create a roughened surface. Then, white-hot molten stainless steel is applied to the surface and, when cooled, becomes welded to the pan. The permanent “peaks and valleys” that are formed provide a strong, tough base for two coats of a high-grade nonstick finish.