Engraved Bamboo Chopsticks
5 pairs/pack

NATURE’S MVP (most versatile plant . . . very possibly) . . . Bamboo is a natural grass that is constantly replenishing – therefore it is known to be a sustainable resource. Bamboo is less absorbent than wood and is therefore easier to keep clean and sanitary. Bamboo is attractive and lightweight and can be left untreated in its most authentic state or it can be treated to lend itself to certain purposes. It is also used for many things from construction of furniture and houses to snacking on and powering diesel engines with – it is one of the most versatile resources in the world (just don’t try to eat the utensils!)

Beautiful chopsticks from Helen’s Asian Kitchen. 8.75”L in carmelized bamboo, these sticks have grooved tips for better food gripping (less food slipping!). These handles are smooth with a simple, engraved design and gentle thumb and forefinger indents for a better hold (these can be used ambidextrously). Sturdy and super-smooth.

(“Carmelization" means to darken bamboo skin's color. Once the bamboo culm has been cut into strips, then they are boiled and bleached and dried. Once dry, they are put into a large oven to bake in the darker color. This is an all natural process.)